Mosquito Busters Malta

Mosquito Busters Malta

We have a Mosquito Solution!

If you have a mosquito problem, be it big or small, then Mosquito Busters Malta has a solution for you. From Temporary Sprays for parties, to permanent Installed Misting Systems

Mosquito Busters Malta, is the leading mosquito eradicating company in Malta.

Our international product is proven effective, with over 100 thousand happy customers globally, and now available in Malta.

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Mosquito Solutions

Mosquito Busters Malta offers two excellent mosquito eradicating products.  Temporary solutions for once offs, events such as weddings etc, and permanent solutions, which provide year round mosquito free happiness, for you, your family, and your guests enjoying the pool with you.

Mosquito Busters protects you and your family from mosquitoes and the diseases they bring, such as Zika, Malaria, Dengue, etc.

We use the best technology and environmentally friendly products, which do not damage the environment and do not create problems for people and other animals. The Mosquito Busters team is always available to give you both maximum protection and maximum professionalism.

Whether your yard/garden is a few square meters, a hotel terrace, or a park of many hectares, Mosquito Busters always have the right solution for your needs.


Our Products

We provide a temporary solution (Backpack Spray Service) for short term satisfaction. And we also have permanent installations (Installed Misting System), protecting you all year round.
Which ever option you choose, with us, you can enjoy your outdoor space, Mosquito Free.

Backpack Spray Service

Backpack Spray Service is great for quick applications. It’s the ideal mosquito solution for those who don’t want to invest in a permanent system.

Installed Misting System

The system is installed around the perimeter of your yards. It’s ideal for those who want peace of mind, not to worry about mosquitoes again.

Larvicide Tablets

Larvicide tablets are the first defence against Mosquitoes. They prevent larva from forming into adult mosquitoes.

What others are saying?

Graham Vella

Unbelievable how well this works.  I was not sure that it would actually get rid of the mosquitoes, but it did.  Thank you Mosquito Busters Malta.

Rachael Mamo

The installed misting system is an excellent system for eradicating the problem of mosquitoes outdoors. The system is easy to install requires very little maintenance and practically runs itself.

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