We have a Mosquito Solution!

If you have a mosquito problem, be it big or small, then Mosquito Busters Malta has a solution for you. From Temporary Sprays for parties, to permanent Installed Misting Systems

Mosquito Busters Malta, is the leading mosquito eradicating company in Malta.

Our international product is proven effective, with over 100 thousand happy customers globally, and now available in Malta.

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Mosquito News

Some interesting facts about mosquitoes.


In 0.25 of a second it was a smudge of blood in my palm. Its legs, muscles, eyes, thorax, abdomen were all printed on my skin.

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Mosquito Busters Malta operates on all Maltese islands, and no venue is too small, or too big.

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Our services require us to come to your garden!

This means, we may need to pass through your home to get to your yard.

We are fully prepared to change our PPE (masks, gloves etc).

Should you require us to change shoes, clothes etc , between sprays, please inform us ahead of time.

Mosquito Busters Malta is looking to do as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


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